When Should Your Commercial HVAC System Be Replaced?

Generally, a commercial HVAC system lasts anywhere between 12-and 15 years. Studies show that by following best practices and teaming up with maintenance and efficiency experts, you can increase your total system life by 33%. Numerous factors influence longevity, and some of them can be optimized.  According to the Department of Energy, commercial HVAC systems […]

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Air Conditioning Regular Maintenance Checklist

Air conditioning care might sound easy, but there are some important things you might want to consider before getting the ball rolling. One of the most right things you can do is take the help of a professional HVAC contractor. You can count on affordable service, crisp air, excellent performance, and more. B-Cool Air Conditioning […]

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Air Conditioning

What Does An Air Conditioner Do?

With the advent of the hot summer season, it becomes pivotal to have cooling devices such as fans, coolers, and widely used air conditioners. Today air conditioners have become a necessity rather than a luxury. In addition, the multi-functioning of the air conditioners have made them more diversified and in demand. Air conditioning is the […]

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The Importance of Installing a Smart HVAC System

The HVAC system in your home consumes over half of your home’s energy. A broken and inefficient HVAC system will result in a more significant energy cost, which is why it’s essential to manage this important component of your home correctly. When it comes to a capable and advanced HVAC system, it can completely change […]

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Best Practices For Heating System For Mild Winters

The mild winter weather is advantageous for your heating system because you do not have to change the temperature on your thermostat. After all, lower-output systems often provide adequate heat.  However, this convenience can quickly vanish if you do not understand how to manage your heating device in warm winter weather. So to ensure your […]

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