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Heat Pump Services in Orange Park, Jacksonville & St. Augustine, FL and Surrounding Areas

Heater Repair Services in Orange Park has become a popular choice for homeowners since it is an eco-friendly option. Every home uses two different HVAC systems for different seasons, i.e., fireplaces, boilers, central heaters, air conditioners, and ductless mini split.

Heat pumps have become popular as they are versatile because they provide comfort during summers and winters. Moreover, they provide multi-zoned cooling and heating services.

Points to consider before installing a heat pump system!

Heat installation can be complex, so hiring professional heat pump installation services in Orange Park, FL, is essential. It is vital to choose a perfect heat pump to ensure the installation can be done quickly:

Heat pump capacity

Most HVAC technicians suggest that a one-ton heat pump provides efficient heating and cooling for a 500 square feet area. It means a 2-2.5 ton heat pump is suitable for a 1000 square feet area. An undersized heat pump provides ineffective heating and cooling, whereas an oversized heat pump frequently has short cycles.

Therefore, you get high-quality comfort at a low utility cost only after choosing the correct size for heat pump installation in Orange Park, FL.

Heat pump type

It will help you choose which heat pump type is suitable for your home and budget. An air-source heat pump is considered the most budget-friendly and effective heat pump system.

Consider investing in a ground-source heat pump if you want the most efficient and eco-friendly ductless heating system. Although the ground-source heat pump is expensive, the heat pump lasts 40-50 years.

Benefits and warranty

You should also check the noise level of your heating unit, its compatibility with a smart thermostat, and the other safety features of your furnace. Compare the features of different heaters and also their prices. Pay attention to the warranty on various components of the heating system.

Signs you need to schedule a heat pump repair service!

        Below are some examples of when you might need to call our heat pump repair service in Jacksonville for a quick inspection: 

  • Short-cycling issue: Sometimes, a heat pump can turn ON and OFF frequently. If your heat pump also shuts down often, it needs immediate repair; otherwise, the issue can impact the compressor. 
  • Inadequate comfort: The unit’s efficiency has decreased if the heat pump airflow is not cooling or heating enough room. The reduced efficiency can be due to the absence of annual maintenance or restricted airflow. In this situation, it is better to schedule a Heating Repair in Jacksonville to remove the obstruction in the airflow
  • The running cost is high: People invest in heat pumps because of their low running costs. If the heat pump is costing you extremely high utility bills, the HVAC mechanism has some significant flaws, and you should call a technician to look after the issue. 

B-Cool Air Conditioning and Heating technicians are here to help!

Most heat pump issues need only a professional inspection and cleaning, which is a part of the annual tune-up.

You can get supreme and best-quality heat pump repair service in Jacksonville at B-Cool Air Conditioning and Heating Inc. We are the dealer, and our experts can repair almost all the renowned HVAC brands heat pumps like Amana, Goodman, and American standards. Call (904) 373-7850 and get your heat pump repaired by our experienced specialist.

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