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Furnace Repair Service in Orange Park, Jacksonville & St. Augustine, FL

Installation and maintenance of furnaces require time and attention as they are used to a fulfilling extent. Along with the machine’s services, they require regular repairs and replacements. Not maintaining them properly will result in the system’s very low durability causing loss to the user.

Furnace services are useful in rendering all these services to the machines to keep their functioning intact. If you’re looking for Furnace Services in St Augustine, Orange Park, Jacksonville &, FL, and Surrounding Areas you can opt for our company. So call us today or schedule a service online.

At, B- cool air conditioning and Heating inc, we provide HVAC (heating ventilation, and air conditioning services) for your machines and systems. We work on the oldest to the latest models of machines and provide Heating Repair in Jacksonville. Our services are efficient and involve a team of experienced and professional furnace installation Jacksonville, FL

A significant component of your home in the winter season is your furnace, which warms up the interior temperature.

Before winter approaches, homeowners should take the time to clean and tidy up the furnace system to prepare it to run continuously and efficiently.

With the help of our heat pump installation in Orange Park, FL, the technician can ensure that your furnace system is ready to maintain a comfortable environment in your household.

Our Services Include Many More Facilities.

  • We help in planning and designing systems and their working. We also provide Heater Repair in Orange Park.
  • Our company technicians deal with all kinds of machines and the best advice regarding their maintenance.
  • We provide different furnace services like installation, replacement, maintenance, inspection, repair, tune-up, etc.
  • We have specialists for heating replacement in Jacksonville, who are available 24*7.

Is your Furnace System Working Efficiently?

Here are some signs that will help you recognize whether your furnace system needs a repair service to fix the issue building inside the system.

  • Strange Smells

There is an issue with the furnace or HVAC system if you smell a strange odor in your environment. If you smell gas, fuel, or rotten egg odor, then it is essential to call the furnace repair. You can contact B-Cool Air Conditioning and HVAC installation in Jacksonville FL, for a quick check. It is necessary to quickly repair the holes and gaps in the gas line and clear the blockage in the exhaust flue to ensure the furnace works optimally.

  • Hard Time Starting

Another sign that indicates your furnace system needs a quick tune-up and inspection service is when the furnace system takes some time to blow warm air into the interior. It can be due to thermostat faults or a component that needs to be replaced to retain the furnace’s efficiency.

  • Flickering or Discolored Pilot Light

You can easily detect if there is an issue in the system that can quickly escalate into something massive by checking the pilot light. A pilot light is a blue flame that ignites the gas in the combustion chamber. It is better to opt for furnace repair by a skilled professional. You can contact B-Cool Air Conditioning and HVAC Company in Jacksonville, for an inspection. If you notice that the pilot light is yellow or orange or if you see the light flickering, clean the burner with a soft brush or cloth to remove the dust particles.

  • Increased Dirt and Dust

Whenever you find a layer of dust and dirt on the furniture, even when you recently cleaned the household, there is an issue with the furnace system. The main reason is excessive dust collected in the air filter, duct system, or HVAC system.

  • Insufficient Heating

If you feel your furnace system is not providing heat as it used to in the previous winter, you should visually inspect the system and ducts for leakage. You can contact B-Cool Air Conditioning and Heating in Jacksonville, FL for heat pump repair or for a visual inspection to find the issue. Holes or gaps in the airway can cause the processed air to escape outdoors.


The secret of keeping all the problems away and enhancing the furnace’s life is calling the HVAC technician for an annual maintenance service. Call B-Cool Air Conditioning and Heating technician to check your furnace system quickly. We offer various HVAC services to keep your furnace system in good health.

We provide end-to-end service to ensure your comfort and convenience. Call us at (904)373-7850 to schedule an appointment with our heat pump installation technician in Orange Park, FL, or get in touch with a furnace repair technician for a quick inspection and maintenance service.

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