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Ductless/Mini Split/Air Conditioning Installation in Orange Park, Jacksonville & St. Augustine, FL, and Surrounding Areas

The Key To Success When It Comes To Ductless/Mini Split/Air Conditioning Installation In Jacksonville, FL

Ductless/Mini Split Installation in Orange Park, Jacksonville & St. Augustine, FL - B-Cool Air ConditioningDuctless/mini split air conditioners used to be disregarded in the past. However, with the increasing need for flexibility and superior comfort in homes – they are making a comeback at the speed of light. Sadly, many contractors still find AC Replacement & Installation in Jacksonville a maze of tools and procedures. If you are serious about your home comfort – you want to find a company that you can trust to handle the job.

Ductless systems are proven to have unparalleled advantages. However, only if they are installed properly. For this, we advise that you find a service that you can trust. The good news is that B-Cool Air Conditioning And Heating, Inc is here and we would love to help.

Ductless/mini-split air conditioning systems work on the principles of providing convenience and comfort to the user. There are no ducts in this air conditioning which is unlike traditional systems.

Mini-split units are independent and individual units inside each room. The outdoor and indoor units are connected through sleek ducts outside your home or office.

Some Of The Key Considerations Our Technicians Need To Take While Performing Ductless/Mini-split/ Air Conditioning Installation in Jacksonville, FL.

We understand that it’s hard to trust a random company. After all, it is easy to say that something is difficult merely to scrape in an extra buck, right? Well, our priority is your comfort. As one of the few selected Mitsubishi Diamond Contractors nationwide, we strive to provide a service that exceeds our customer’s expectations. This significantly adds to our long list of customer benefits unique to B-Cool. For starters, it boosts your warranty to 12 years!

Earning the status of a Mitsubishi Diamond Contractor is difficult. Only elite HVAC Contractors in Lakeside is are able to achieve this status. We still work diligently to prove our quality of excellence, and workmanship to each and every customer.

When it comes to ductless/mini-split/air conditioner replacement in Orange Park, FL, some of the key things our technicians are responsible for monitoring include:

  • Liquid and suction lines.
  • Control voltage.
  • Control wiring.
  • Power supply.
  • Installation location.
  • Line Sets.
  • Application Requirements.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. We want you to get the most out of your investment in the comfort of your home, Rest-assured when it comes to AC Repair in Jacksonville, you could not be in safer hands. However, we don’t just expect you to take our word for it.

Advantages of Ductless/Mini-Split Air Conditioning

  • Convenience

Ductless/mini-split installation uses small units that are convenient to install. These can be shifted to any room as and when needed. Furthermore, they are easily reachable for repair, servicing, and maintenance. 

  • Efficiency

The air conditioning is very effective and cools every corner of the room. Such systems are energy efficient as they do not lose any power due to the absence of ducts. It helps to save more than 30 % of energy consumption when the air conditioning is on.

  • Compatibility

You can install mini-split air conditioning equipment in buildings where ductless air control systems exist. For example, Duct Cleaning in Jacksonville has effective solutions as add-on cooling devices.

  • Wider reach out 

One of the best advantages is that they cool the entire office or residence by reaching out to every room inside the building. In addition, every room has a separate thermostat for temperature preference.

  • Space management

The outdoor and indoor units are designed for maximum benefit to the consumer. Ductless/mini-split installations in Orange Parkare compact and occupy fewer spaces than other air conditioning. In addition, outdoor cooling units can be installed on any exterior wall far away from the room it cools.

  • Cost-saving features

The individual thermostats in each room control the cooling and heating in independent rooms. It reduces running costs as one can choose to keep the split unit on or off as needed. It’s unnecessary to cool all the rooms simultaneously; one can also switch on the mini-unit in a single room.

Ductless/mini-split installations in Orange Parkare practical solutions in which one can install the units on a priority basis in selected rooms. In addition, customers can purchase additional units for extra rooms as per convenience; this reduces the stress of cooling all rooms together. 

  • Aesthetics

The Jacksonville, FL ductwork can design indoor units at your convenience. They can be hung on any wall, suspended from the ceiling, or even placed on the floor. You can move the floor units as per preference. We keep homes looking beautiful.

How To Evaluate Whether Or Not A Company Is An Ideal Fit For Your Home

When it comes to finding a contractor that you can trust to handle the comfort of your home – it is important to do your due diligence. A good practice is to take a look at their reviews. Former customers will speak volumes about the service they experienced. Feel free to take a look at our track record by clicking here!

Precautions in Installation and Use

A ductless or a mini-split system works best when it is professionally installed. Therefore, it is preferable to approach an experienced service provider like us for Ductless Air Conditioner in JacksonvilleWe ensure that the systems work optimally and efficiently while taking precautions in installing the equipment.

It is better to adjust the temperature with the thermostat in each room than to switch off the entire unit. It saves energy consumption giving the freedom to run the AC for longer durations.

Contact us for ductless/mini-split installations for any Orange Park or Jacksonville resident and the neighboring areas who want to beat the summer heat. B-cool Air Conditioning and Heating, Inc. is ready to take on the challenge.

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