6 Reasons Why An Air Conditioner Smells And The Best Solutions To It

6 Reasons Why An Air Conditioner Smells And The Best Solutions To It

We all love the cool air of air conditioners as soon as we enter our homes after a long exhausting day. But do you smell something strange as soon as you switch on your AC? This is the last thing you would want to experience with your AC on a hot summer day.

From a burning smell to a wet-sock-like smell, there can be various reasons behind AC emitting a foul odor. In most cases, you need to look for a professional AC Repair in Lakeside.

Meanwhile, here are six major reasons behind air conditioner smells with their solutions intact :

6 Reasons Why An AC Smells And Its Solutions :

1. Damp And Moldy smell

Problem: If you get a moldy stench blowing from your air conditioner, it indicates mold/mildew growth inside the unit. It can be caused by an accumulation of water in the drip pan or condensate lines. Another reason could be dirty filters causing moisture and gunk to build up.

Solution: In such cases, a professional AC Repair in Jacksonville, can clean up the mold and also fix any water leaking in the system.

2. A Burning Smell

Problem: If your AC is smelling like plastic or gunpowder is burning, then something is wrong with one or more electrical elements such as circuit boards, power wires, fans, etc. Another reason could be an accumulation of dust particles that burn off and smell when you switch on the AC after a long time. 

Solution: If the smell continues after cleaning the dust, do not handle the electrical components yourself and leave them to the professionals.

3. Gas Like The Smell

Problem: Any gas-like smell from the AC indicates a gas leakage in your system, generally – methyl mercaptan. As the gas travels through the ductwork and circulates in the house, it can cause headaches, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, etc.

  1. Solution: If you detect such a smell, immediately turn off your gas supply and contact AC Repair in Orange Park, right away!

4. A Smell Similar To A Car-Exhaust

Problem: As an AC doesn’t run on any combustion fuel, the stench resembling a car exhaust isn’t normal. It highly indicates a refrigerant leak, commonly freon, a colorless gas; it smells like sweet chloroform and is easy to detect.

Solution: In such a case, make sure the room/house is well-ventilated and contact an HVAC technician.

5. A Rotten Smell

Problem: A rotten stench is a distinctive odor that you can’t be mistaken for. Often small birds, rodents, and critters enter the AC unit and get stuck, eventually dying.

Solution: In such cases, it’s best to get your system pest-proof.

6.  Cigarette-Like Smell

Problem: If you are a frequent smoker, the smoke from your cigarettes can accumulate in the evaporator coils and filter of the AC. These tobacco particles circulate in the air resulting in a cigarette-smoke-like odor. 

Solution: In such cases, change the filters every 30-60.

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