Ways To Remove Odor From An AC Unit

Ways To Remove Odor From An AC Unit

Summers in Florida are something that you can’t take lightly. With temperatures soaring up to 95°F, air conditioners are the best escape to cool and comfortable summers. However, when you turn on your AC after a long time, do you start getting a strange odor? If yes, there might be chances of a mold build-up inside your AC unit or the ductwork.

In worse cases, there can be small animals like rodents that are stuck and dead inside. The foul odor of mold, mildew, or decaying animal carcass can be a severe health hazard. In such situations, you must look out for an HVAC Contractor in Lakeside.

Nevertheless, here are some simple troubleshooting ways to remove odor from your AC :

Strategic Ways To Remove Odor from an Air Conditioner :

1. Identify The Source.

If you observe any smell coming out of your AC, identifying the source is the first thing to do. To begin with, get the following items ready for a safe and smooth process:

  • Pair of rubber gloves
  • A bucket
  • Bleach
  • Fin comb
  • Foaming coil cleaner
  • New filters
  • Water

To remove mold or mildew, combine one part bleach with three parts of water in a bucket ready.

2. Turn Off The Power Of The Unit.

Before handling the air conditioning unit, always remember to turn off any power supply. Find the dedicated power switch, which is usually located outside the unit and is red. It is always necessary to start with this step as working with the unit power can be dangerous. If you can’t locate the power button, leave it to a professional AC Installation in Jacksonville.

3. Change The Air Filter.

Most HVAC experts recommended changing the air filters of the unit every 60 days. For people with allergies and pets, it is best to change it every 30 days. As the air filters are meant to provide you with clean and uncontaminated air, always get your filters replaced by professional HVAC technicians as they can provide you with the right type of filter for your unit. 

4. Clean The Evaporator Coils

Moving on to the internal elements, clean the evaporator foils with the foaming coil cleaner. The evaporator needs to be in ambient conditions for the AC to work properly. As they tend to get dirty quickly, they can be a potential source of odor. If the coils start malfunctioning, you need to call an AC Repair in Lakeside, right away!

5. Clean The Condensate Line

A condensate line is a drain pipe present outside the unit which throws out excess water. If you see sludge or yellowish-green water coming out of the drain line, there are high chance of mold or algae building up in the drain line. In such cases, flush the drain line with the bleach and water solution.

If you observe that the odor is still present after performing the above steps, wait no longer to call AC Repair in Jacksonville. We provide the best quality HVAC repairs and services in Orange Park, FL, and surrounding areas. 

We can help you save time to make cleaning odor and hassle-free all at once. To get the best AC repair services, look for an emergency HVAC Repair in Jacksonville, or call us at (904) 373-7850. You can also drop us an email at  [email protected]