5 Reasons Your Furnace Won’t Turn On

5 Reasons Your Furnace Won’t Turn On

Why does the furnace fail to produce heat when I turn it on? There may be a variety of problems. If a malfunction is detected, most furnaces will only run the blower. Several furnaces sensors detect overheating and automatically shut off the heating element if it senses a possible safety issue.

Reasons your furnace isn’t blowing air.

Various causes can indicate why your furnace isn’t blowing enough air. Prolonging repairs can affect the efficiency of your unit, which can lead to a system breakdown.

Problems with the thermostat

When your furnace sends a chill instead of the heat you want, it isn’t your furnace’s fault. A possible cause of the problem includes the thermostat. If you resolve the issue without involving a professional for HAVC Installation in Jacksonville, you will have the best chance of resolving it on your own.

Issues with air filters

You could also be experiencing cold air problems because of dirty air filters. Another simple fix is to clean or alter the filters in your heating system after you’ve inspected the batteries and adjusted the thermostat.

Your HVAC system can be constrained by a clogged filter, which is dirty and old. You may compromise your furnace’s ability to produce and distribute warm air throughout your home.

Problems with the high-low switch

Leaving a clogged filter unattended can cause your HVAC system to malfunction. Overheating can be tolerated for a few cycles but not for a long time.

Turn the blower on to cool everything down to solve the problem. If all you see from your side is the furnace blower operating nonstop and blasting cold air, and you have no idea why, contact a professional.

Problems with the condensate line

Another part of your HVAC system that needs regular maintenance is the coolant. During hot weather, your HVAC system’s condensing unit drips water into a drip pan. Pipework eventually leads around the outside of your home to remove that water.

These lines will become clogged with dirt and grime if you don’t maintain them regularly. Additionally, your system will shut down if your float switch becomes clogged. Grime accumulates at the end of summer, just when your heater begins to blow cold air. 

Fuel and ignition

If your furnace turns on but does not produce heat, the fuel supply or ignition system may malfunction. Your furnace will not produce heat if something prevents it from receiving gas, so there is no fuel to burn. There is no heat coming from the furnace when it is turned on. Please review our service if you need Heating repair in Jacksonville.


Your gas supply line’s gas valve should be open. You may need to schedule a refill if your tank is empty and you use liquid propane or oil to heat fuel. Check with your utility provider to ensure there have been no interruptions in natural gas service.

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