When Your Air Conditioner Doesn’t Get Cold, Here’s What To Look For

When Your Air Conditioner Doesn’t Get Cold, Here’s What To Look For

Is your Air conditioner system not blowing cool air? With the summer heat hitting you throughout the day, AC Repair in Jacksonville can be an uncomfortable experience. Not only is the situation awkward, but it can also lead to potential health risks for you and your family.

As with any other appliance, your air conditioner requires periodic maintenance services at least twice a year, which will keep the system running efficiently and reduce the risk of unexpected and expensive problems.

Reasons why your AC is blowing cool air

Individuals rely on the air conditioner to keep the household and workspace comfortable, so it makes sense that they need to get to the root of Air conditioning problems as soon as possible. There are several factors affecting your Air conditioning system not cooling the room properly. 

To help you out here, we have listed the main factors to look for when you find your AC is not cooling.

  • Have you changed the filters?

Air filters often contribute to your Air conditioning system not blowing cool air. If you are not regularly maintaining or changing your air filters, it will result in clogged or dirty filters. An AC with a clogged filter will restrict the airflow into your home, eventually affecting the other components. Be sure to check your filter once every 30 days.    

  • Beware of Dirty Condensers

The part of the Air conditioning system outside your home is a condenser, which is more prone to the collection of dirt and debris. Due to this clogged condenser, your AC unit must work harder than normal to pull in the air and cool it. Nevertheless, cleaning up the condenser unit at regular intervals and maintaining the area around the condenser clean will minimize the problem in the future.

  • Refrigerant Leakage could be a serious issue.

Refrigerant is cycled between indoor and outdoor units, with compression and expansion during the process. A leak from the refrigerant prevents your Air conditioning system from cooling the air properly and causes other issues within the space.

For instance, when the AC is not cooling, it will increase humidity levels, making you feel hotter. If you notice any refrigerant leak, call the best AC Replacement in Jacksonville, to fix it at once.

  • Have you chosen the right AC size?

An air conditioner system that is too big or too small when compared with the size of your home will wear out the unit and result in various problems, including blowing insufficient cool air. You have to pay higher utility bills to get the ideal temperature if it’s too big. In contrast, in the small option, your AC will have to face excess pressure to cool the air, eventually lowering the performance level.

Final thoughts 

It could be an extremely frustrating experience when you find your air conditioner system is not working properly. At B-Cool Air Conditioning and Heating, one of the leading HVAC Company in Orange Park, our expert technicians have got you covered in every aspect from tune-up service or emergency air conditioning repair.

Reach out to us to keep AC problems away and stay cool all summer!