What Happens When Your Furnace Continues To Run?

What Happens When Your Furnace Continues To Run?

A furnace becomes the essential appliance in your home when winter hits. Before use, it is integral that you inspect the heating system to check for any potential problems. It is also important to be able to detect and identify the furnace’s issues to find the ideal solution.

Schedule Heating Repair in Jacksonville if your furnace exhibits any problems. The heating system’s efficiency will also remain at its highest level with routine maintenance.

What causes your furnace to run non-stop?

The furnace filter is dirty

Specialists have discovered that a dirty furnace filter is the primary cause of furnaces that run continuously. Pet hair, dust, and other debris that could harm the furnace are stopped from getting to the heat exchanger by the air filter.

The heat exchanger may overheat if a dirty filter prevents air from passing through it. Your furnace constantly operates in a cool-down mode and runs the fan to combat it. The furnace filter needs to be changed to resolve this problem.

The fan is set to on

If the filter works correctly, check the fan setting. The blower will run continuously if the fan’s setting is on. The fix is to switch this setting to auto, which will only activate the blower when the furnace is on.

Temperature set on high

If the filter is clean and the fan is on auto, your thermostat’s temperature is likely set too high. You can lower the thermostat to solve the problem. Once you’ve done that, see if the fan turns off. If it’s too chilly outside, the furnace may need to run non-stop to maintain the temperature.

Furnace not derated

Your furnace needs to be derated when installed. Derating occurs when the HVAC installation syncs the gas pressure and elevation. If this isn’t set correctly, the furnace overheats and shuts off while the fan continuously blows to cool it down.

If your filter is clean and your thermostat is set correctly, the problem is more severe, and you should contact an HVAC specialist for furnace repair in Jacksonville.

2. The furnace is running non-stop but isn’t producing any heat.

Another common furnace issue is cool air. If your furnace isn’t producing warm air, check these before calling service:

  • The thermostat’s setting is appropriate.
  • The vents are configured to open.
  • The availability of both gas and electricity.

A more severe issue can impede the furnace’s ability to heat air if these minor modifications are ineffective. You need to call a Heating Repair in Lakeside.

A furnace may not heat air because it cannot ignite or maintain a flame. On the other hand, it’s possible that the pilot light is on and the fans or motors are the problem. In such a case, the air is heated but not driven into the home through the air duct system.


Most people don’t understand how frequently these issues occur. Up to 75% of all service calls for no-heat problems are due to maintenance problems. It is impossible to emphasize the value of regular HVAC maintenance in preventing and fixing common HVAC issues.

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