What Happens During HVAC Maintenance?

What Happens During HVAC Maintenance?

Throughout a homeowner’s lifetime, they typically purchase only one or two HVAC systems. How do you protect your investment from getting the most out of your heating and cooling system? To take care of your investment, you must first understand that it needs attention.

Your heat pump, furnace, and air conditioner need to run efficiently and smoothly regardless of the weather, whether it is cold or hot. It should function without you worrying about how well it is doing.

AC Tune-Up Checklist:

  • Oil each moving component.
  • Install gauges and log temperatures and pressures.
  • When in doubt, replace the air filter.
  • To fine-tune the refrigerant amount, measure the superheat.
  • Condensate should be flushed to prevent overflow.
  • You should clean the condenser coil outside.
  • A blower motor check (and belt if applicable).
  • Check the air supply and return temperature reduction.
  • Safety checks the functionality of each control.
  • Measure the amps in each motor and check the bearings.
  • Test the compressor contacts’ functionality and state.
  • Check for corrosion and leaks in the capacitors and relays.
  • Test and tighten all connections and wires.
  • Check the thermostat’s functionality and clean it.
  • For the duration of the summer, turn off the humidifier.
  • Examine the outside disconnect.
  • Inform the consumer of the equipment’s state.

Following Inspections are Performed During HVAC Maintenance in Brief:

Safety Checks

A gas furnace or heater includes a combustion assembly, moving parts, and electrical systems. These air conditioning components can degrade over time due to wear, filth, and weather, providing a concern if not checked regularly.

An HVAC inspection will ensure that all elements of your HVAC system are clean and in excellent condition to eliminate any safety risks. The HVAC professional will inspect vents to ensure they are clean, undamaged, and properly vented.

Efficiency Checks

As part of heating and AC Repair in Jacksonville, other parts, like the blower assembly, will be checked for efficiency and modified and calibrated.

The ducting may also be examined for holes or poor insulation. You will discuss anything obstructing airflow in vents and registers.


Cleaning is essential if the Air Duct Cleaning in Orange Park, involves air conditioning, furnace, or both. Even if you regularly clean your air filters, a technician will need to clean your system.

  • Routine HVAC maintenance includes the following items:
  • monitoring the pressure in a refrigerator.
  • Thorough cleaning of the element, drain, and coil.
  • Temperature measurement
  • checking the pressure and coolant level.
  • Inspection of the fan motor, outside disconnect, and fan blades.

How Frequently Should Your HVAC System be Serviced?

HVAC maintenance should be performed twice a year to keep it running properly and efficiently. Your air conditioner will be in good working order, and you will minimize the effects of frequent use and aging.

Regular tune-ups from an HVAC Contractor in Lakeside will keep your home cooler and more comfortable while saving energy. Unless you perform this service, your air conditioner will likely not last many years and will use a lot of energy. To know more, contact us today. We provide the best technicians for all your HVAC requirements.