Undeniable Signs That Your Air Conditioner Needs Repairs

Undeniable Signs That Your Air Conditioner Needs Repairs

Due to the increase in the summer temperature, possessing an air conditioner has become a must in this day and age. Apart from other measures such as going to the beach or swimming in the pool, having an air conditioner is one of the most effective ways to stay cool and comfortable. 

This does, however, imply that your system should be properly maintained and repaired regularly. An ac that is only being used without the proper services is likely to wear out much faster. In this case, you will need to schedule an AC Repair in Jacksonville, to have it repaired.

Signs That Suggest Your System Needs A Repair

When an AC problem worsens, the only option is to contact a new AC installation in Jacksonville. However, by being aware of these warning signs, you can have your system repaired before it deteriorates further:

Increase in your monthly utility bills

It’s common to see a surge in your electricity bill, especially during the summer. This is primarily due to the increased use of your fan and the necessity to turn on your air conditioner. However, if you see a significant increase in your bill compared to previous times, there is an issue. 

Imbalance in temperature

If you have hot spots in the room where your air conditioner is turned on, there is a problem with the system. When there is an imbalance in the temperature being discharged into the room, hot patches tend to form. A low refrigerant level frequently causes this. 

The refrigerant is the system’s cooling agent, and it must be kept at a specified temperature. By regularly scheduling an AC Replacement in Jacksonville, your system’s refrigerant can be filled regularly as well.

Liquid pooling under the system

You may observe liquid gathering beneath the system or leaving markings around it at times. This could be a water leak caused by a leaking condensate drain line or an overflowing condensate pan. A refrigerant leak in the cooling line could also cause the liquid to be refrigerant. 

In any case, it’s critical to get this checked out quickly. While water isn’t physically hazardous, the refrigerant utilized is and should only be handled by a trained specialist.

The system blowing warm air

Your system will likely take a long time to cool your home or may merely spew heated air. The thermostat is usually set to an improper temperature, which causes this. However, if the temperature settings are accurate, there could be a problem with the thermostat’s internal components. 

It’s important to get this sorted right away because it not only raises your utility bill but also puts a strain on your system. We are an HVAC company specializing in AC Installation in Lakeside. To schedule an installation or repair service, call us at (904)-375-9769 or email us at [email protected].

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