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Brandi W

The Be Cool Air Conditioning Company is professional, prompt and thorough. Matt and his team continues to provide friendly, courteous service that keeps Our Vacation House AC system in tip-top shape. Their Office staff are very professional and helpful as well. My husband and I Highly Recommend this Company!

Lisa C

B Cool Air Conditioning is by far the best in the business!! Always professional & prompt, their prices are very competitive. I highly recommend this team of professionals

Scott C

Matt and his team go above and beyond to make sure the customer (me) was happy. I’m on my 2nd mini-split with B Cool Air Conditioning (the 2nd AC is for another room, nothing is wrong with the first AC they put in). Thank you, guys!


Been with B Cool since 2011, my system which replaced in 2000 has been less than a happy time. They did not do the install, they have kept it going and that unit would discover a new way to fail each time. This summer the 4th of July week end it died again. B Cool came out and performed another exorsisem and revived it. The freezing rain 2 weeks ago was the beginning of the end. We consulted and the only option was to replace that unit with a new Amana system. The two nights before it was replaced it was 61 degrees in our house. They dispatched 2 awesome tech and before 3 pm we had a new system and the house was at 74 before they left. The Amana is unbelievably quite. My old unit was noisy I guess it wanted to entertain me as the electric bill was run up. Now, sadly my meeting with B Cool will be for routine service and not a monumental crises. I sappose I can remove the designated parking spot in front of my hose now for them. In all seriousness now Matt and Jennifer are the best at their craft. They are better then having a family member who does AC work. You call, they show up and the job is done right. My old unit should have been removed long ago, I tried not to face it. I had no one to blame but myself. Thank You Again Each and Everyone at B Cool

Ron E

I called and on the 4th of July and received a callback and set up an appointment. Not only were they on time but almost an hour early. The call was another issue and it’s now 1013 and I’m running since 945am. Thank You