Symptoms That Your Furnace May Go Out

Symptoms That Your Furnace May Go Out

Your furnace is responsible for warming up your home and rooms by transferring warm air through the duct system. If your furnace goes out frequently, your home will not warm up as quickly as it usually does. You may have to contact HVAC Replacement in Lakeside, to get it fixed.

Many signs indicate that your furnace is struggling to work efficiently. If you find any of the following signs with your furnace, you may have to start searching for a new one or call a technician to fix it:

Frequent on and off

If your furnace is facing frequent short cycling, there is some fault in the system as it is not allowing the furnace to complete one complete cycle. It may also mean that your fan motor needs some attention or the heat sensors are dirty. You need professional help to find the real cause and fix it.

Unusual Flame Colour

If you have a peephole through which you can check the color of the flame, give it a look. A yellow-colored fire indicates that the gas is not burning completely and the burner is dirty. Incomplete combustion of the gas leads to increased levels of carbon monoxide and can harm the health of the family members.


An unusual sign of a going-out furnace is moisture on the walls, ceilings, or windows. It means that there are obstructions in the pathway for airflow, or there is some issue with the vents.

You can contact a company for heating repair in Jacksonville, to help you out.

If you are facing any such issues with your furnace, it is best to call professional help as soon as possible. Contact B-Cool for the best and cheapest furnace services. Looking for HVAC Installation Services in Jacksonville, contact us at (904) 373-7850 or email us at [email protected].

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