Most Common Problems Associated With a Residential HVAC System

Most Common Problems Associated With a Residential HVAC System

We all wish for a healthy and comfortable life for our family. It is essential to install the HVAC units in the home to balance the temperature changes in Jacksonville. For this, you need to call an HVAC Contractor in Lakeside. 

However, only HVAC installation is not sufficient. You need to maintain it and plan some regular tune-ups to avoid common problems with residential or commercial HVAC systems. Also, you must be aware of the common problems with your residential HVAC units so that you can prevent them in the initial stage and save your family from some significant risks. 

The Most Common Issues with an HVAC Unit in a Home

  • Damaged Thermostat:

A programmable thermostat is a significant part of an HVAC unit. It controls the room temperature automatically to warm or cold, depending upon the temperature of your surroundings. If you feel that the home’s temperature is not sufficiently warm or cold as you set it in the thermostat, then there might be issues with it. In such a situation, you need to call your HVAC contractor in Jacksonville for repair or replacement. 

  • Dusty Air Filters

An air filter in an HVAC unit is essential to keep you and your family healthy. A dirty air filter can spread many allergens in the air inside your home. These allergens can be pollen, dust, pet dander, or dirt. These allergens invite many breathing problems in people. Also, a dirty air filter can obstruct the airflow of the HVAC system. 

It will cause early damage to your HVAC unit because of the need for excessive efforts by the blower motor. To avoid such problems, you need to clean the air filters and replace them every three months. Also, you should plan a service with your HVAC contractor in Jacksonville for the proper functioning of the unit. 

  • Producing Unusual Noises:

The average HVAC unit usually produces low murmuring noises. However, if you hear any unusual noise from the HVAC unit, consider it a warning sign. Any damage in the parts of the HVAC unit, such as wearing off of parts or broken belts, can create abnormal noise. The commonly noticed abnormal noises in a residential HVAC system are screeching, squealing, and buzzing. If the damage is repairable, schedule a tune-up or plan an HVAC Replacement in Jacksonville

  • Defective Wires:

In residential HVAC units, it is critical to check the source of electricity should not supply a current more than the requirement. If this condition happens, it will lead to corrosion of wires. This will cause a permanent shutdown of your HVAC system until you get it corrected by yourself or by calling your HVAC Installation Services in Jacksonville.

B-Cool Air Conditioning & Heating Inc. is available to solve your HVAC problems, but all you need is to call us at our emergency number (904) 373-7850. Our team will come to your place to repair your HVAC system as soon as you contact us. We care about your comfort. 

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