IS A Cracked Furnace Heat Exchanger Bad News?

IS A Cracked Furnace Heat Exchanger Bad News?

The furnace heat exchanger is responsible for providing heat to your room. Proper care for your furnace through professionals is essential. A heat exchanger cracks in an aging system that worked harder throughout the years. These cracks allow carbon monoxide to enter your home. According to the Florida Health Department, more than 500 Americans die from carbon monoxide poisoning in a year. It’s a common accidental poisoning. A well-maintained furnace can last about 15 years. A correct HVAC Replacement in Jacksonville will perfectly replace the heat exchanger for you. 

Problems Created by a Cracked Furnace:

  • Low Efficiency

The efficiency of the new furnaces improved over the past 20 years. If your furnace is older with cracks, it will perform worse. We can find it through regular maintenance, but nothing can prevent low efficiency. So consult a furnace replacement in Orange Park, FL, for a new furnace installation.

  • Heating Variations

A good furnace should provide even heat and comfort around the house. If your furnace becomes too old or it cracks, you can see some variation in the heat around the house. In this case, call the furnace installation in Jacksonville, FL, to install a new furnace.

  • Noise

Some different noise from your furnace is a sign of some damage. That noise is the signal of furnace replacement. It can be the signal of cracks too. So this is the time to think about some Heating Repair in Jacksonville.

  • Gas Leaks

A cracked furnace can allow toxic carbon monoxide into our house. Rust on the chambers creates heat exchanger cracks. If you see rust on your furnace, it’s time to look for a furnace replacement in Orange Park, FL.

Types of Heat Exchanger Cracks:

Three types of cracks occur in the heat exchangers:

  • Partial cracks: Partial cracks or hairline cracks are not dangerous initially but become harmful soon.
  • Through cracks:  Through cracks are also known as minor hairline cracks.  
  • Large fissures: Large fissures are big cracks. You can see the light through this. These cracks are more dangerous, so immediate replacement is the right decision. 

How do you know that the Heat Exchanger Cracked?

The crack in the heat exchanger shows some of the signals:

  • Flickery light when you turn on the heat
  • Presence of flaky substance
  • Cracks on other parts of the furnace
  • Water presence under the furnace
  • Variations in carbon monoxide detectors in the house
  • Sickness of family members

These are only signals, but seeing inside the heat exchanger in the furnace is impossible. For a visual inspection, you have to dismantle the furnace which takes hours. Some best furnace replacement services in Orange Park, FL, have special tools to get inside of it. This tool records images and videos of the heat exchanger for further action.

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