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5 Common Heater Repair Services in Orange Park, FL

If you’re a new Florida resident, you may not think you need a heating system. However, even Floridians experience some days with cold temperatures. That’s why they need their HVAC units in good working order before colder weather arrives. Here are five common heater repair problems and services, along with the importance of hiring a reputable heating repair Jacksonville.


Do you have at least one room in your home that isn’t being heated? Usually, when a heater fails to evenly distribute heat throughout a home, it can the due to two factors: dirty air filters and insufficient ductwork. Thus, if you find any dust and debris on your air filters, change your filters. However, if your air filters are clean and if replacing your ducts doesn’t resolve the issue, call a heater repair service.


If the furnace fan is not working, first check the thermostat, making sure it’s on the proper setting, Next, check to see if your air filters are dirty because this can prevent a fan from working. Finally, check your circuit breakers, ensuring they are on. If this fails to resolve the issue, contact an HVAC service as you probably have a problem that only a professional can handle.


A furnace that turns on, but then quickly turns off, has a condition known as short cycling. This problem can be the result of several issues, such as a dirty air filter, an oversized unit, defective thermostat and thermostat placement. Besides wasting energy, short cycling can put excess strain on your HVAC system. This is another heater repair job that should be done by an HVAC professional.


Are you unable to control your heater? In most cases, the inability to control a furnace is linked with the thermostat. Consider how the thermostat functions as the brain of the heating unit, telling the furnace the temperature you need for keeping your home comfortable. But when a thermostat doesn’t function properly, it won’t be able to relay the right instructions to the furnace. Even though your unit may still be working, it won’t be what it needs to be.


While the sound of the fan and the blower are normal noises, hearing strange sounds, such as squeaks, rumbles, rattles and other weird noises can suggest possible problems. For example, odd noises coming from your heating system could be because your heater may have been invaded by pests or have detached or loosened parts. Another possibility is that it could have swallowed outdoor fragments.


When there’s an ignition problem, your heating system won’t be able to produce heat even if the other components are working well. When you have an ignition issue, you need to contact a licensed HVAC installation Jacksonville to check what’s wrong and repair the problem since this is a job for a highly trained and experienced professional. Consider how trying to fix it yourself can be dangerous.


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