Fall & Winter Preventative HVAC Maintenance Tips

Fall & Winter Preventative HVAC Maintenance Tips

HVAC maintenance from the HVAC Company in Orange Park guarantees that a system continues to operate as efficiently and effectively as feasible, for as long as possible. The components of an HVAC system have a one-time purchase price, but if it is not maintained correctly, they may incur unexpected repair expenses.

What is included in HVAC preventive maintenance?

There are various advantages of doing preventive maintenance on your HVAC units. Listed below are a few things the technician must include in routine maintenance.

Examine and clean the air vents.

Conduct a thorough assessment of each room’s air vents. Examine supply vents and return vents disguised by carpets, furniture, or curtains. It is advised to seal the vents in unused rooms as this may disrupt the airflow equilibrium, resulting in increased wear and tear and higher energy costs.

Change or clean the air filters every few months.

Changing the filter is the simplest and most common method to perform maintenance after HVAC installation in Jacksonville, FL. Replace or wash the air filters every three months. It helps boost the effectiveness of the air conditioner, reducing the likelihood of repairs that will be necessary and reducing heating costs for the home.

Make adjustments to your thermostat’s settings.

Due to the change in seasons, you will need to reprogram your thermostat when you switch the cooling and heating systems. If your thermostat is manual, upgrade to a programmable device to manage the temperature automatically. You can save money on your energy bill by maintaining a balanced temperature.

Maintaining a clutter-free environment.

Seasonal maintenance for HVAC systems should include clearing the area around these systems, both inside and outside the unit. If you want to maximize the efficiency of your outdoor HVAC units, you should leave at least two feet of space around them at the time of HVAC Installation in Lakeside.

Establish an annual maintenance routine.

Having your heaters and air conditioners serviced annually, notably in the spring and fall, is necessary. Routine maintenance may often prevent up to 95% of HVAC system problems. Regular maintenance will minimize your energy costs and prolong the life of your equipment while keeping it at peak efficiency.

Ensure that the evaporator coil’s drain pipe and drain pan are clean.

Examine the drainpipe of your HVAC system and remove any obstructions created by algae or mold that might occasionally grow there. Clogged areas can be suctioned out with a wet-dry vacuum, and you can also use bleach to clear them. Clogged drain lines are one of our most common faults during the spring and summer months.


It is always recommended to do routine maintenance on the HVAC system. By utilizing a maintenance program with the best HVAC Repair in Jacksonville, you can reduce expenditures and increase the longevity of your HVAC system.

Contact the HVAC professionals at B-Cool Air Conditioning & Heating if you need short and accurate maintenance work. A comprehensive maintenance plan can greatly minimize corrective maintenance costs over the long term.