Factors to Consider Before Buying an Air Conditioning

Factors to Consider Before Buying an Air Conditioning

Choosing the proper AC for your home can be a task, given the wide range of ACs on the market with various specifications. It can be challenging to select or buy an air conditioner at the right price that can provide the ideal cooling for your room based on its size. Ignoring these factors might result in AC Repair in Jacksonville.

Consider these factors before Buying an Air Conditioner:

  • Tonnage

When purchasing, it’s essential to consider the AC’s capacity to prevent AC Services in Jacksonville, FL sooner than expected. A 1-ton air conditioner should work fine in any room that is less than 140 square feet. A 1.5-ton AC is needed in a room between 140 and 180 square feet, while a 2-ton AC is required in any space more spacious.

  • Window vs Split

Window air conditioners are inexpensive and have fewer features overall. On the other hand, Split ACs are expensive and come with many features like turbo cooling and sleep more. Please be aware that Split ACs can be installed in any room, whereas a window that is the right size and fits the AC’s dimensions is required for window air conditioners.

  • Energy efficiency

It is essential to purchase an AC that can give you the best cooling while using the least amount of power, given the rising electricity cost. An air conditioner is more effective and uses less electricity when its SEER rating is higher.

  • Noise

When trying to stay calm, noise can be a significant factor. According to a Air Conditioning Repair in Lakeside, professional, noise from your air conditioner may make it difficult for you to unwind or concentrate.

  • Air quality

During the monsoon season, ACs with a good dehumidifier can provide better cooling and greater comfort and prevent AC repair in Jacksonville, FL. 

  • Accessibility of filters

The filter in your AC prevents dust mites and other particles from passing through the fan. It will be much simpler to perform AC maintenance if your filter is at easy access and cleaned out.

  • Cooling capacity

Ensure the AC unit you purchase can produce at least 20 BTU per square foot of living space. It can be calculated by dividing the length by the room’s width and multiplying the result by twenty. 

  • Brand

It is wise to choose an AC from a reputable company. This conveys a sense of assurance regarding the caliber of the air conditioning.

  • Installation

The location of the unit’s installation must also be taken into account. While some units work best when installed through a wall, others are designed to be installed in rooms with double-hung windows.

  • Condenser

The condenser and coils used in an AC determine its expected working life and capacity. According to Ductless Air Conditioner Jacksonvilleexperts, your AC may cost less to buy but more to maintain if it has aluminum condensers.

  • Warranty

New AC units frequently come with a one-year warranty by default, but you can choose to extend it for longer. Before making a purchase, ask the manufacturer about the AC servicing warranty.

Many people make the error of purchasing air conditioners solely on the dealer’s advice. You must be somewhat knowledgeable about buying an air conditioner unit you intend to purchase. To know more about ACs before purchasing, contact B-cool Air Conditioning & Heating INC. If you need HVAC Service in Jacksonvillecontact us at (904) 373-7850 or drop us a mail here.