Commercial Property Management: Winter HVAC Tips

Commercial Property Management: Winter HVAC Tips

With the advent of the frosty winter season, you might be all set to get those Christmas vibes to your commercial space. However, amidst planning for the celebrations ahead, it is equally crucial to take a look at your heating and cooling system as it is the one that will save you from the chilly weather. 

Regular maintenance and service by a professional HVAC Contractor in Lakeside will extend the life of your device and keep you from paying for expensive emergency repairs and replacements.

Commercial HVAC Maintenance Tips for Upcoming Winters 

Here are some tips you must follow to keep your commercial heating and cooling system in good shape this winter. 

Conduct Examinations and Compile Reports on Present Circumstances

Before the winter season arrives, it is better to get your entire heating and cooling system serviced regularly. If you haven’t already, it is time to consult a professional to plan an inspection and actively monitor the situation of your system so you can make improvements as needed. 

You must get the heat sources, pressure gauges, and flues regularly inspected. Regular upkeep of your HVAC system ensures that you don’t have any unpleasant surprises, such as parts failing. 

Preventative Maintenance and Renovations

According to HVAC experts, regular maintenance is essential for ensuring your commercial HVAC system’s fuel efficiency. The first stage in this direction is to create a preventive maintenance plan. 

Make a timetable based on the units’ operation hours and operating conditions, and include a support record to provide unit background, troubleshooting, and maintenance tracking. Remember that only a qualified maintenance team should perform maintenance. Also, signing a maintenance agreement ensures that these crucial seasonal inspections get completed on time.

Replace or Clean your HVAC air Filters 

Sand, dander, smoke, dirt, animal dander, and other particles in the air get trapped by air filters. Clean filters help to prevent dust accumulation and provide better indoor air quality for the building’s occupants. Furthermore, dirty filters can restrict air circulation and cause your system to slow down. 

Clean or substitute air filters at the beginning of each cooling and heating season, or more frequently if operating conditions necessitate it. Inspecting or measuring the airside pressure drop is a great way to gauge how often you should wash or substitute your filters. Also, make sure to use the filter size and type recommended by the manufacturer.

In addition, it is better to have an expert commercial HVAC technician come out at the beginning of this season to adjust all of the thermostats in your commercial building. The systems will not function efficiently if the thermostats diverge too much from one another, or worse, concurrent heating and cooling may occur.


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