Avoid Cooling Problems With Spring HVAC Maintenance

Avoid Cooling Problems With Spring HVAC Maintenance

Spring is an excellent time to verify that your HVAC system is in peak working order for the hot summer months ahead. 

Spring HVAC Maintenance

Your HVAC system remains under a lot of strain between the cold winters and the scorching summer heat. As a result, incorporating HVAC maintenance in your spring cleaning checklist is essential.

In the spring, preventative HVAC servicing chores include the following – 

Remove Winter Covers.

If you have covered the external coil in the winter months to preserve it and keep it clean, make sure to remove it before starting the system since it restricts airflow and heat transfer. Starting the HVAC unit with any of these coverings in place might seriously harm the unit, even for a short period.

Check Outside Unit Panels.

Outdoor unit panels enclose the electrical connections. If you are missing an outside panel (possibly due to wind) or if it is misaligned, this could endanger both you and the equipment’s safety. In this case, contact an HVAC contractor for an evaluation before starting your system.

Clean Outdoor Coil.

The outer coil might accumulate dust, twigs, leaves, and other debris. The system coils intend to transmit heat, and any debris interferes with this action. Remove junk from the coil and surrounding region to get the best performance out of your A/C unit.

Repair Damaged Refrigerant Lines.

Damage to the refrigerant lines affects not just the temperature in your house but also the overall performance of your HVAC system. To make matters worse, it will add charges to your energy bill. To keep the house cool, insulation should be installed. 

Replace Air Filters.

When the seasons change, you should replace your interior air filters. When the normal airflow is blocked, debris may be carried straight into the evaporator coil, impairing the coil’s heat-absorbing ability. 

Unclog Drain Pipes.

The drain collects water from the humid air in your house while the air conditioner is working. This condensed water must travel to the drain, or the tray will overflow and flood the unit, or water may leak out beneath your indoor unit and into your house.

Check to ensure that the line is correct and has not been bumped or broken during the winter months. Examine it to ensure that it will drain to the proper area. When your air conditioner has been operating a lot ensure it is not leaking.

Clean Supply Vents and Grills.

Check that all supply/return air grills and vents are open and debris-free. It’s a good idea to use the vacuum to remove any pet hair or debris that may have accumulated during the winter season, as well as any obstructions that may have impeded adequate circulation to and from your air handler.

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