Air Conditioning Regular Maintenance Checklist

Air Conditioning Regular Maintenance Checklist

Air conditioning care might sound easy, but there are some important things you might want to consider before getting the ball rolling. One of the right things you can do is take the help of a professional HVAC Contractor Lakeside. You can count on affordable service, crisp air, excellent performance, and more. B-Cool Air Conditioning helps to keep your home and office space cool and comfortable.

Here is a checklist of all that should remain included in an air conditioning maintenance plan:

  • Frequent Tune-Ups

For the best maintenance of your HVAC system, getting seasonal tune-ups is a must. Getting a tune-up for the air conditioner makes sure that the motor is working properly, that there is no obstruction in the performance, and that the system is working with enough force. It also makes sure that the air conditioner is energy efficient.

  • Regular Inspection of the Air Conditioner¬†

Getting the air conditioner inspected regularly is one of the best things. Inspection should always remain an integral part of the AC Repair plan. It should be performed by a technician who is aware of the updated models and processes, ensuring that any glaring problems with the AC are not missed. The AC should be inspected once a year to ensure that the air conditioner is not neglected. Contact us if you are facing issues with your AC Repair in Orange Park.

  • Air Conditioning Filter Changes

Considering that the filters are the most important components of the air conditioner, they are responsible for cleaning the impurities from the system so that indoor air quality can stay protected. Changing the filters should be done no less than once per quarter. As part of the AC maintenance, it is suggested that the filters should be changed out once a month, depending on your air conditioner type.

  • Repairing and Checking of Thermostat

The maintenance plan includes regular checks of the thermostat, which is a necessary component since the air conditioner can’t thrive unless it is always working. Checking it is as simple as calibrating the thermostat for more precision and one can also change or upgrade the thermostat altogether. Call us for HVAC Installation in Orange Park.

  • The Cleaning Out of the Airways

The Airways should be cleaned to get the best performance out of the AC. Getting the Airways cleaned as part of the maintenance plan will allow the air conditioner to work smoothly and get the air cleaned.

The duct cleaning involves spraying mold to prevent it in the future. Since the mold quickly begins to develop and spread throughout the entire system, it is advised that the ducts should be kept clean and dry.

  • Insulation Work

The air conditioner will suffer if the insulation is insufficient or weak. The AC Pros can suggest different types of insulation, such as fiberglass sheets or foam, suitable for all air conditioning systems.

  • Refrigeration and Lubrication Checks

It should be made sure that this is included in the maintenance plan so that the system is getting the care it needs. It also includes checking the motor oil for the system and looking into the refrigerant and other fluids.

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