6 Ways To Beat Summer Humidity & Heat In Your Florida Home


6 Ways To Beat Summer Humidity & Heat In Your Florida Home

High humidity levels make an air conditioner work harder as it has to drain excess moisture from your room. Florida accounts for the highest humidity levels, and the damp, suffocating, and heinous humidity must be from something you’d want a respite. 

We have put together a few ideas to help you make your rooms more comfortable and ACs more efficient throughout the summer.

Check for Leaks 

Leaks are the worst enemy for the AC and cooling of your house. Leaks in your ductwork allow moisture to pass into the system from outdoors. Your AC provides cooling throughout your household, and the presence of a leak, hole, or puncture, can make it work twice as hard as it keeps working on getting rid of excessive moisture. Has your AC’s ductwork been examined by one of the best HVAC Companies in Orange Park?

Check Insulation

Having your attic well insulated is one of the best ways to ensure sufficient cooling and moderate temperature not only in summer but throughout the year. It can boost the performance and efficiency of your AC to save you on bills.

With time insulations tend to erode and settle. They become thin and do not insulate as much. Having proper insulation will show an exponential difference in the cooling of your house. Sometimes you may need to add more insulation or get it replaced altogether.

Consider Dehumidifiers

Even if all your ducts work properly and there’s still not enough cooling, you can take a few 

other steps to draw out excess humidity from your rooms. 

A smart thermostat can also alert you about the level of humidity in your room. You may 

also consider getting a dehumidifier. Dehumidifiers aid ACs as they reduce the load on your 

AC thus reducing energy bills. You may call for a HVAC Installation in Jacksonville, for the top dehumidifiers in the market. 

Examine your Doors and Windows

Leaks in your windows and doors can allow hot air to creep inside your house. Make sure they’re well insulated by running your hands over the creeks. Get weather stripping, thresholds, or a replacement if required. 

Perform Minor Adjustments

Along with your AC’s upkeep, there are minor adjustments that you can make which can help cool your rooms faster.

  • Turn on a ceiling fan when you’re in a room. Fans help with air circulation throughout the room.
  • Keep shades and drapes drawn in. 
  • Replace your AC’s air filters frequently throughout the summer. 
  • Use light bulbs that radiate less heat. 

Regular AC Service

Having your AC serviced regularly is a full-proof way to ensure efficient cooling throughout the summer season. Routine maintenance of your AC helps detect any potential problems and updates you on the condition of your appliance. Properly maintained air conditioners draw less energy and provide faster cooling for years to come. 

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